Me and my party mate decided to do a daily foundry quest (especially since it is ADx2 this weekend...which we will now NOT get because of this...) We did the Secret of Black lake foundry quest. We completed the quest, and opened the rewards chest (which was an item I can't use. Not sure if this is relevant, but I have always found that final chest give me class useable items). After opening the chest, we had a small box pop up that said "Press F to leave map" When pressing F, nothing happens, and the box disappears and reappears. We also were unable to push the ESC key and had to press ALT to manually click the ESC button. We both tried logging out, then back in again hopping it would trigger to boot us out or fix the problem etc, and we log back in in the mission, and the problem is still there.

Can't play now, because we can't get out